Trade Craft Cannabis Consultants serve the plant, the planet and each other

We are a small team, focusing our expertise and energy on a handful of projects each year. Each project is unique, so we spend time listening to our potential clients in order to accurately assess their needs and together decide if we are the right match for their particular situation. And if we are, work diligently to assist our partners in creating a viable, compliant, efficient, and profitable cannabis company.

It’s evident that the tide of cannabis prohibition has shifted across the US, state by state the movement gains momentum to normalize cannabis as a legitimate business. As legislation passes in the emerging markets there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to become those states’ early adopters. It’s exciting to imagine getting in on the ground floor of an emerging market that will without doubt be larger than the alcohol industry. Understand this opportunity is fleeting and the competition will be fierce. This might be the only time and place in recent history where an individual operator has a competitive advantage over big corporations. But make no mistake that tide will also shift once federal legalization passes.


“”As a consultant in our bid to obtain a vertical cannabis license, Eric Dewine was a consummate professional.  His industry experience and wise counsel was invaluable to the company.  Always willing to go the extra mile.  Work products were always timely and exceeded standards.  Made himself readily available to the team to answer questions or provide advice.  Would definitely work with him on future projects.  He would be an asset to any company in the cannabis industry.” – Dr. Scott Bier, Texas